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Title: 30,000 mile ride report
Post by: Jack on December 30, 2010, 10:58:36 PM
  :CTKOM:Just thought I would stop by and mention that I parked the bike with 30,000 plus miles on the clock a couple of weeks ago.
With the oil changes set at 2500 mile intervals, and using AMZOIL every other change, the break-in took all of the first 20K to bring out the low end torque. If anyone is still suffering from 6th gear doldrums, it is likely you haven't covered the 15K break-in experience, that goes for all you 96's as well.

The only complaint is the fuel guage's lowest LED has failed, as well as the brighter phase has been knocked out.  This will be taken care of under the extended warranty from the original purchase.  I only hope that the red LED is still available.

Have the 5th set of tires waiting for spring, and the warranty work.

Hooked up with Col Sean day before "Rolling Thunder" last May 30th down near Quantico for lunch and a  :DRK: . Hope to do that again.

My son Todd will be graduating from UTI Phoenix Harley-Davidson late in January  :CLP: , may bring home Student of the Class  :CLP: :CLP: :CLP:

Wish all of you Priveledged (CVO) Riders and those who are not there yet, a GREAT & HAPPY NEW YEAR  :FLG: , especially you Col, Jack

photo taken off the reflection of the head lamp bezel

Title: Re: 30,000 mile ride report
Post by: Posty McPosterson on December 31, 2010, 09:02:49 AM
After 30k miles you managed to keep it that shiney!  Happy New Year to you too!

Title: Re: 30,000 mile ride report
Post by: Luca Brasi on December 31, 2010, 12:28:50 PM
Great post Jack and a great riding season. Wish I could say I put 30k on LD this year, but the truth is so far from that as to make me feel like a poser even calling myself a biker anymore. A Happy and prosperous New Year to you dude and keep on ridin that motorsickle


Title: Re: 30,000 mile ride report
Post by: Jack on December 31, 2010, 09:22:49 PM
actually that pic was taken last year with @ 22,500 Jester Whisperer.  I don't really do long rides, the longest is "Rolling Thunder @ 200 mi from home. I just keep ridin' where were I don't have to shift a lot.  With the low end available shifting is even much less.  Have a friend with a metric cruiser 109 ci that has followed me and can't believe how much I don't shift.

Luca, last property south next to Pendleton or first north depending on the direction, was owned by Bebe Rebozo the guy who invented the aerosol can. A friend of Richard Nixon's.  There was a long stretch of beach before the next property back when we used to drive down from LA to surf & relax on the solitary beach, there mid 60's.  Say Hello for me to the most precious thing a Marine can covet, "Doc".  Semper Fidelis,....Jack Herman