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Author Topic: Nemo's Motor  (Read 3897 times)
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« on: March 14, 2011, 01:09:13 PM »

I mentioned in some other posts that I had the bike in over the winter for some engine work and they found some Cam problems.

It went in because the tapping in the motor finally got loud enough that they relized it was more then a normal Harley 110 sound.  They thought the lifters were wearing, but discovered that the lifters were shot (rollers siezed).  This caused a flat spot on the cam lobes.  Ugly.  They replaced the cam tensioners and cam bearings while they were in there.  All covered under the extended warrenty (sorry Howie).  So yesterday I took it out for the first ride in normal conditions since I picked it up last week.  When I brought it home I was pretty bundled up and couldn't really hear the engine that well, but it did sound much better then when I brought it in.

Yesterday, I took it for about a total of 15 miles without bundling my head with anything other then the helmet, and since it was my son's first ever ride on his V-Rod I had the stereo off so I would have less distractions.  All motor, no background.

The engine sounds better then it ever did.  No tap or rapping at all.  Just Harley rumble.  It never sounded this quiet.  Which has me wondering what the hell was up with it from the start.  It always had a bit of tapping from the front.  Normal says Harley so dealer can't pull it apart under Warrenty.  But now they did.  They blamed the Amsoil, saying althought it's great oil, they've seen many bikes that run it come in around 50k with this issue.  My bike was at 49.5k.  They didn't try to get funny on the warrenty about it and said it meets all the requirements.  It's just something they've seen.  They speculated that it may actually be too slippery which causes the rollers to slide rather then roll which then causes them to sieze up.  Regardless, I will go back to Syn 3 since it's cheaper and much easier for me to get and I don't see any evidence that it protects the engine any better then any other oil.  If it came with regular ould Dino oil, I'd probably run that.  Since it came with Syn 3 I'll run that.  No need to start an oil argument.  I believe you.  Your god and oil are better then mine, so please don't try to convert me!  Hysterical Laughing

So the engine is beautius.  They also fixed some scratches when it fell while parked and from a jack handle that fell against the tour pak and scratched it.  It looks good as new and sounds good as new and it got to lead the pack of my son and wife around are little community yesterday.  Life is good.

Ride Safe,

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